Dear All,
Greetings from Pravah Jaipur Initiative !
In today's fragmented world peace and harmony among the peoples of the World is the first casualty. The sky is the only space that seems devoid of borders that keeps people apart. Romantics, idealists and visionaries have looked up into the heavens for inspiration and the kite is one of the most powerful symbols of man's desire to break free of the shackles of the earth.

Therefore taking idea form Drishti our partners in Gujrat and knowing the fact that on 14th January the world witnesses maximum number of the kites flying in the sky of Jaipur, Pravah Jaipur Initiative is organizing a "Give Peace a Chance – Fly PEACE Kites" an event of flying kites for peace from 9th January to 14th January in Jaipur. There are no political affiliations or agendas; its ordinary people from the city who will get together on these days for 4 hours per day to celebrate freedom and the desire for peace and harmony among all religions and ethnic groups. Our volunteers have written peace messages on kites and we will be flying them from various places in the city

On Fri 9th Jan we plan to start the campaign with an official launch atUMANG "An initiative towards rehabilitation of persons with disability" &Faith. We shall conduct Face painting and Banner painting with children for promotion of Peace. On the remaining days the group will go to various locations in Jaipur to spread the message and involve as many people as possible.
People who wish to participate in this event are welcome to contact us and bring their kites and thread to fly peace kites with us. Kites will also be made available to enable them to participate.
We look forward to your support, and your presence, at Give Peace a chance - Fly Kites for Peace.

For more details contact 0141-4030356, 9828222234, 9928367670, 9983762103

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